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HOD Nigeria

HOD Nigeria

We are excited to announce the launch of our sister company, HOD Nigeria! As the birthplace of our founder and one of the fastest-growing cities in the emerging world, Lagos is an exciting new location for HOD Consulting. In addition to traditional HOD Consulting services to corporate and non-profit clients in Nigeria, HOD Nigeria has developed new products and services that fit the highly entrepreneurial spirit and culture that make Lagos such an exciting hub of entrepreneurial activity.  One example is our Kickstarter Program for fledgling entrepreneurs who need help with clarifying their business model and solidifying their business plan.  Is there something you've always loved to do and now wish to grow it into a sustainable business? Is there an idea you have carried around in your head for years and now wish to commit it to paper, get funding for it and see your dream come alive? Then HOD Nigeria is for you!  Please email us at info@hodconsulting.com for a free consultation!

As part of our commitment to developing ethical global business leaders, HOD Nigeria also undertakes projects with several clients in the for-profit and non-profit space involved with creating a better society and an enabling business environment for wealth creation.  Watch this space for more programs and client testimonials coming soon!

Current traditional programs clients include...
- The Head of Human Resources at an oil company
- Founding Partner at an international law firm
- The Head of IT at a multinational bank
- The senior executive of a large manufacturing corporation 
- The leadership team at a fast-growing non-denominational church
- The leadership team at a fast-growing private equity fund
- The board of directors and leadership team of a fast-growing non-profit, non-governmental organization

Current Kickstarter Program clients include...
- Founder and Creative Director, aima's clothing and accessories
- Founder and Creative Director, Bainstone (bella naija website)
- Founder and Creative Director, Garden Theatre Productions
- Founder and Managing Director, Paloo's Place
- A number of new yet-to-be-named businesses in varying business planning stages