HOD Consulting, Inc.
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About Us

About Us

The war for top-performing talent is creating a growing urgency for organizations to prove their leadership in being diverse, inclusive and flexible.  At the same time, the increasing globalization of the economy is placing tougher demands on the lives of executives, especially those required to work across international markets. While companies know they need to create appropriate programs to retain and advance high-performing talent, most have no idea how to do it.  HOD Consulting does.

The HOD Consulting team is comprised of highly-qualified executive coaches who have excellent track records of success in corporations and in various fields such as law, finance, marketing, operations management, human capital management, sales, organizational development and management consulting.  Though our executive coaches and consultants come from very different backgrounds, our mission is the same -- to facilitate the retention and advancement of high-performing  multicultural leaders in the global workforce and to help our clients reap the benefits of a diverse high-impact workforce.

HOD Consulting was founded by Simi Sanni Nwogugu, and our team of advisers include professors of business and psychology at top Ivy League universities and senior diversity officers at the most progressive Fortune 500 Companies, including Jennifer Allyn (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Catalyst), Melinda Wolfe (Bloomberg, American Express), Patricia David (JP Morgan, Citi), Anne Weisberg (Deloitte, Catalyst), and Elana Weinstein (Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs).