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Programs & Clients

Using the HOD Consulting Framework, we have developed several programs to help clients increase the leadership capabilities of their emerging leaders.

Executive Coaching Programs help executives achieve their full potential.  Executive coaching is not about imposing skills training on leaders.  Fundamentally, it is about partnering with leaders as they navigate through the world of business and finding key moments when they are most open to learning. As business partners to our clients, we help them face their own challenges in attaining business results and see how they can hinder their own progress.  Our coaches help our clients recognize the larger systems forces at play and their own emotional responses to these forces, which may be hindering their effectiveness, so as to develop better patterns of behavior that will ultimately improve business results and personal effectiveness.

Emerging Leader Programs help new managers transition from being independent producers to leaders that inspire others to produce.  New leaders learn critical skills necessary for strategic thinking, visionary leadership, communicating and delegating effectively and developing a coaching mindset. 
Clients also learn how to form strategic relationships with, and eventually become, the go-to people for key initiatives within their organizations.  This program is for every new manager who wants to hit the ground running and get on the fast track to executive management.

Multicultural Leadership Programs help multicultural leaders develop strategies for overcoming obstacles that impede their advancement to executive levels.  Our flagship ALANA Leadership Development Program helps participants hone in on their core strengths and become confident with asserting their authentic leadership styles without fear of stereotypes or prejudice. Areas of development are identified and strengthened through one-on-one coaching, workshops and pairing with mentors who help participants navigate power dynamics and better understand the political culture within large and complex organizations.

Work-Life Programs help clients retain their high-performing managers seeking more balance in their lives by developing customized, non-traditional services to meet their needs. Customized workshops help participants overcome their discomfort with networking and negotiating for commensurate pay and non-traditional schedules for better work-life balance.  This program particularly helps to retain top-performing women, as history shows that women are more likely to leave the workforce for work-life balance issues than men, but it is also an excellent program for male executives seeking to spend more quality time with their families.

Non-Profit and CSR Leadership Programs

develop the leadership skills of senior managers at non-profit organizations and foundations of corporations so that they are better able to apply private sector efficiencies to their non-profit organizations.  Programs help the leaders sharpen strategic planning skills and business competencies necessary for the development of win-win initiatives that benefit members, clients, corporate parent organizations and society as a whole.  

Emotional Intelligence Programs help emerging leaders develop greater self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills necessary for successful ascension to the executive suite.  Using a combination of assessments, including Hogan, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and 360-degree interviews, we help our clients understand themselves better and develop effective self-management strategies when facing stress or conflict.  Research shows that companies that support emotional intelligence development in their employees outperform competitors by a wide margin.

Mentoring, Sponsorship and Inclusion Programs help clients develop cross-race and cross-gender partnerships that facilitate retention and advancement of high-performing multicultural leaders.  HOD Consulting provides research and coaching tools that help the (often) Caucasian male executives of our client companies understand the benefits of diversity and mentor multicultural talent effectively.  We believe that the true benefits of diversity cannot be achieved until our client companies have achieved the buy-in of every level of management, particularly white men.  We also facilitate discussions and team-building sessions to educate and unify all parties on the benefits of working together to harness the collective wisdom and unique creativity of a diverse workforce.

Client Testimonials

"When Simi presented the ALANA Leadership Development Program to us, what I liked most about it was that it was unique and customized.  The program had a skeleton but the substance of the program was built around the 13 women who participated.  Simi met with all the women and their managers, and matched each participant and manager with the most suitable coach for their leadership development needs.  The response from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive, not only because of what they are learning but because of the relationships they are forming with each other and with other senior managers at ING."

Debbie Holcombe
Head of Workforce Diversity, ING North America
Sponsor of ALANA Leadership Development Program for Multicultural Women
"Work-life trade-offs are hard, and we aim to provide our women with superior emotional and institutional support. Simi and the coaches she has assembled for the Full Circle program are great! Simi has carefully selected strong coaches for this program who, like herself, have experienced difficult work-life transitions and can coach from an authentic place that says, 'I've lived it and I know what you're going through.' We appreciate the unique perspective Simi brings and the bridging role she plays between the firm and the women in Full Circle."
Jennifer Allyn
Managing Director, Gender Retention & Advancement,
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Sponsor, Full Circle Program for Off-Ramping High-Performing Women

"I felt understood and acknowledged by Simi.  By focusing on me, her target market, she has carved out a unique niche that she can relate to and that can relate to her. There is no need to explain things in great detail because she lives it and understands it. When I met Simi, I was interested in returning to the workforce, but my confidence was at its lowest level, ever.  I left the workforce to resolve my personal issues and conflicts around being a working mother, and had not anticipated that my re-entry would be so daunting. Simi helped me harness my confidence and translate it into the power to realize my goals.  She gave great exercises which forced me to be honest with myself."
Vice President, J. P. Morgan

"It was a pleasure to do the exercises during your session on the first day of our Toigo training.  I was able to identify what I am passionate about accomplishing over the span of my career.  I will be re-reading the exercises several times during business school."
Gbile Adewunmi
Columbia Business School Student
Robert Toigo Foundation Fellow

“Simi has been my personal coach for over six years.  Although her focus is always on my career, she has been an invaluable resource in several other aspects of my life journey.  She was particularly helpful in assessing different career options when I made the decision to move back to Nigeria to join Standard Chartered Bank, and she continues to be a resource to me in my new roles of entrepreneur and mother of two boys." 
Aishetu Dozie
Founder & Managing Director, Paloo’s Place, Lagos, Nigeria 
Former Head, Corporate Finance & Advisory, Standard Chartered Bank West Africa